Just Show Up

I’m going to let you in on the biggest secret to success in your fitness pursuits. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle or recover from any injury. This is THE SECRET.

I should charge thousands for this but I’m going to give it to you for FREE!

Just show up…

That’s it, that is the secret. That is all you have to do to be successful, or at least it’s a huge part of it. You have to show up.

Motivation and will power are limited resources. You can’t rely on these to help you through the difficult times. You need to rely on your habits. You build habits by doing something consistently for a long period of time.

At Defy Functional Fitness one of our Core Values is consistency. It doesn’t matter if you work with the best coach in the world, have the fanciest home gym in the basement and have a personal chef cook all your food. If you aren’t consistent then you will most likely fail in achieving your goals.

In my experience, people start to make healthier choices in their life when they become committed to working out regularly. Even though good nutrition is arguably the first step in becoming healthy, I think it is better to get your workouts in check first.

At a gym like ours, all you have to do is put your foot through the door and we take care of the rest. We have the most rigorous joining process in Toronto. We take everyone through about 15 private coaching sessions before they join our group.


Because we want to know everything about you – how do you move? What injuries have you had? How can we best help you in our group?

We also want to make the process as unintimidating as possible. We want to teach you the movements you will see in our group and we want you to feel confident that you know how to push your body to achieve your goals.

The group classes are private coaching in a larger group. Everyone gets some feedback in each session and has something to work on. The program is taken care of and designed so you can workout 3, 4 or 5 days per week, depending on your goals and experience.

All you have to do is just show up!

You need to put the time in your calendar each week and make that sacred. No matter what happens or how little motivation you have, you commit to showing up. I can guarantee you will be successful in getting fitter and stronger.

There’s a whole host of other things you want to take care of too; nutrition, sleep etc. but showing up consistently is step one. Create a habit and never look back.

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Take the first step towards getting the results you want!

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Take the first step towards getting the results you want!