DEFY: Training


Our fundamentals program is the first step for anyone new to CrossFit. We take everyone through this program in a 1-1 setting so we can get to know you and best guide you towards your goals. You will learn some new movements, new terminology and you will discover that you are capable of more than you thought.



CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to enhance your fitness over multiple domains. The goal is not to master anything, but to continually develop all aspects in fitness. At CrossFit Defy we want to get you in the best shape you have ever been in, ultimately leading to you living a happier, more fulfilled life. We take care of all the programming so all you have to do is show up and give your best effort.

We can break down a CrossFit program into three main areas:

Metabolic Conditioning

Building capacity in each of the three metabolic pathways, developing your ability in short, medium and long time frames (think running, rowing, bike etc)


We want you to establish functional capacity in controlling your bodyweight and develop your range of motion (think push ups, pull ups, handstands etc)


We will develop your ability to control external objects and produce power (think – picking things up, squatting with load, throwing objects etc)

At CrossFit Defy we want you to define what your goals are. These could be anything from; having fun, looking good naked or getting fit to keep up with the kids. We can offer you a path to follow to achieve them. We want to keep the enjoyment and challenging atmosphere within the group classes, so regardless of your goals we look to accommodate them all by making subtle changes to our daily workout to suit your goals. Everyday there will be different options based on the original daily workout. They will be designed to achieve the following:


looking to gain lean muscle, lose body fat and improve the quality of your life. Not interested in competing in CrossFit competitions but keen to learn about all the movements in CrossFit and be the best version of yourself.


would like to use CrossFit as a training program for another sport. You may play hockey, run various distances or play soccer at the weekends. CrossFit can help you build a bigger base level of strength and conditioning enabling you to perform better at other sports.

Sport Specific

those who are keen to pursue CrossFit as a sport. The CrossFit Open offers a yearly test that will be the standard for a CrossFit competitor but also local and national competitions will fit into a season. Our coaches have lived this life for many years.

Private Coaching

Working 1-1 with your own coach can help if you are looking for something more specific. Our professional coaches have worked with clients in multiple scenarios and will ensure they work hard to help you to meet your goals. The 1-1 nature of private coaching allows for a better relationship and understanding of what makes you click in a training environment. Accountability is taken to the next level as you and your coach will enter into an agreement to help each other achieve your goals. Private coaching can benefit anyone in many different situations:

New to Training

if you are very new to training regularly then it will help to develop your skills as your coach will be able to focus solely on you for your training session. You can adapt at your own pace and become comfortable with the feeling associated with exercise.

Injury Rehab

the goal is never to avoid exercises or movements. We want to figure out why they are happening and design a programme to improve your injury. Together, with your coach, you can assess and train appropriately to help eliminate the injury.

Work on Specific Skills

you may want to work 1-1 with a coach to progress in some of the movements you are struggling with in CrossFit. This could be double unders, rowing or more advanced skills such as muscle ups. All our coaches our well practiced and trained in all CrossFit movements and will be able to offer cues to move you to the next level. 

Ultimately, private coaching is you having 1-1 time with a coach to maximize your time and productivity in the gym specifically working towards your unique personal goals.